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All pilots are required to be at the venue on both days for qualifying. Please ensure the requirement checklist is fulfilled.

  • VTX configured to 25mW

  • Have minimum 8 LED (Any color)

  • Must be able to change VTX Channel (SMART Audio / Lua)
  • Must be able to go to PIT Mode
  • Turtle mode available but not allowed to be used
  • Working Failsafe
  • Throttle limit based on table
  • Call sign displayed on OSD
Group 1 Qualifying CH
Izz Thaqif (Izz FPV) R1
Ridhwan (RWAN) F2
Shahizzat (Jirole) R7
Kamil (Unknown FPV) R8
Group 2 Qualifying CH
Ryan (RyanRS5) R1
Arif (Yoi) R7
Adil (Adilz FPV) R8
Group 3 Qualifying CH
Dharshan (DKFPV) R1
Jaysuman (Jay) F2
Sergey (Sergey) R7
Lau (LyOsme) R8
Group 4 Qualifying CH
Qaed (Abu) R1
Adam (AK1) F2
Faiz (Mr. Farhan) R8
Group 5 Qualifying CH
Afiq (FizikFPV) R1
Kerry (AMKFPV) F2
Aiman (AK2) R8
Group 6 Qualifying CH
Feizal (OBOT) R1
Viki (Barracuda) F2
Syafiq (Syafiq FPV) R7

*Channel allocation may change based on venue condition.