MDL Finale all participants

25 Nov 2023 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia Drone League completed its grand finale over the weekend running the last indoor 5 inch race for the year. Presented by HafDrones, MultiGP Malaysia and Drone Racing Association Malaysia (DRAM), 6 events were hosted throughout the year with categories such as Tiny Whoops, 5 inch and even MultiGP Global Qualifiers.

The league saw consistent growth in participation throughout the year with a full house of 32 pilots this round. Pilots ranged from university students to company directors participating in the 2 day event travelling from local states and even from other countries around the region. 5 Qualifying rounds were held on the first day with top 16 going to Pro category (MultiGP Double Elimination format) and the rest going to the Sports category (Single Elimination format).

Sports category saw a lot of new faces and first timers however everyone had the confidence to compete and perform well since this round the league required RPM limit (KAACK) mode to be enabled. 16 pilots battled it out with podium positions going to Pakin, 14 years old, LX Lim 25 years old and Obot , 49 years old; a wide age gap proving that this hobby is for absolutely anyone.

Pro category on a more serious note saw some of the top pilots in the region battle it out. The championship went to Milk FPV, 16, from Thailand winning the final chase the ace followed by AK2 and AdileFPV. Milk FPV (WANNAPONG Wanraya) was also the winner of the women’s category at the recent FAI 2023 World Drone Racing Championship.

Sports Category Rank
Pakin Champion
LX Lim 2nd Place
Obot FPV 3rd Place
Pro Category Rank
Milk FPV Champion
AK2 2nd Place
Adile FPV 3rd Place

The overall points for Malaysian pilots went to Tiny Whoop category winner RyanRS5 and 5 inch open racing winner, AMK FPV. All pilots received cash prizes and FPV gear from various sponsors.

It was an amazing scene to see seasoned and new pilots hang out, having fun and helping each other push their limits. The mission of the league is to grow this hobby around the region, creating a safe yet fun space to enjoy the hobby at the being a tool for talent development among the youth.

Next year, MDL will continue with it’s journey for the 2nd year with  new categories which aim at schools and university students

The open sourced RotorHazard timing system was used throughout the 2 days while this event was sponsored by 

  1. Hafdrones
  2. Amanah Raya 
  3. DRAM

Supported by:

  1. KBS (Kementerian Belia & Sukan)
  2. ISN (Institut Sukan Negara)
  3. AmanahRaya Trustees
  4. AmanahRaya Investment Management

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