Sketch a track & win a pack

Your chance to be a champion at the upcoming Malaysia Drone League (MDL) 23 Finale Race without even flying a drone.

The upcoming MDL23 Finale Race will be held at Institute Sukan Negara (ISN) Indoor Sports Hall, Bukit Jalil on the 25th-26th November 2023. All you need to do to be a winner, is just imagine a race track in your head, and just sketch it on paper. As simple as that.

Competition Rules and Guidelines:

  1. The track design must:
    1. Make use of 7 (seven) square racing gates including Start/ Finish Gate. No more, no less. 7 (seven) only.
    2. Make use of maximum 9 (nine) flags. You can use 1 flag only if you want, no problem, but you probably won’t win this competition using only 1 flag. So use more than 1 flag, but not more than 9.
    3. Racing line must go through all the 7 (seven) gates.
    4. Racing line can only go through each gate 1 (one) time only.
    5. Racing line may also go over a gate (ie split-s, cockscrew or spiral) but only 1 time too, but also must comply with Item (d) before or after going the gate.
    6. The flag can be use as race obstacle (eg to for corner/ orbit/ spiral) or as border marker (ie to be placed next to race gate to mark Split-S or Corkscrew area)
  2. For reference purpose, the indoor race track size area is 30 x 18 meter (~ 100 x 60 feet) with all-around netting. But you don’t need to worry about measurement. You just need to design the rough race line and gate/ flag position.
  3. The track can be Counter-Clock Wise (CCW) with Starting Block located right of track, or Clock-Wise (CW) with Starting Block located left of the track. Refer to Diagram 1. For the reference, the MDL23 Series #1 track was CCW.
  4. Drone crashing into each other happens during the race. But a good track design must try to minimize mid-air collision as much as possible. So, avoid designing race line where drone flight path criss-cross each other or head-on.
  5. Refer to Diagram 1: MDL23 Series #1 for example of track design. The winning track design will be converted to Velocidrone virtual track by MDL. Sample MDL23 Series #1 virtual track video at Youtube:

Submission Guideline:

  1. At minimum, the track design can be submitted as sketch over a piece of A4 paper. You can either take a photo or scan the drawing for submission. You can also submit digitally drawn design (ie using drawing/ visual/ CAD software) with drawing space of 16:9 aspect ratio (ie Windows Paint canvas size 1920 x 1080 pixel).
  2. At minimum, the track design must include basic description of race line and/ or obstacle ie Gate/ obstacle number, manoeuvre split-s, cockscrew, spiral etc. You can submit a 1,000-word essay describing your track design, but it will be useless if you don’t know how to draw.
  3. Submission through Google Form provided by organizer.
  4. You only allowed to submit 1 (one) design. If you email more than 1 design, you will be considered as a Spammer and will be block.
  5. Your email submission must reach the organizer Inbox or Junkbox before 12:00pm, Friday, 3rd November 2023. If your email is stuck in your Outbox or if your SMTP server is slow, please contact your IT support. We are not IT Support.
  6. The winning track design will be announced by 6th November 2023.
  7. MDL will convert the winning track design into virtual track. MDL have the right to modify and adjust the virtual track as it deems fit.
  8. Any questions or clarification can be forwarded through email to or MDL Facebook.

The winner of this competition will be presented during the MDL23 Finale Prize Giving Ceremony. The Champion of this Competition will get:

  1. Winner Certificate
  2. A Pack of Propellers (10 x HQ Props and 10 x Gemfan Props) plus Gemfan T-Shirt
  3. CallSign immortalized in the Velocidrone Virtual Track. Imagine a track in Velocidrone Simulator named “MDL 23 Finale Track by “Your CallSign”. How cool is that?

Submit your track here: